Additional accessories

Beach flags

We carry flags on telehandlers masts called beach flags. These flags are the ideal solution for company promotion in all weather conditions, as well as inside buildings. The ideal solution for all kinds of events and outdoor events. Catch the eye and interest of each passing next to the client.
We produce flags in different shapes and sizes. Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material is polyester 115 gr or polyflag. To order we also offer accessories.

Prices from 360 PLN per set *

Size 1-10 pcs
S 80 x 200 cm 360,00 zł
M 80 x 340 cm 480,00 zł
L 80 x 440 cm 560,00 zł
S 82 x 190 cm 348,00 zł
M 110 x 300 cm 508,00 zł
L 140 x 340 cm 623,00 zł

* set contains flag, pole, cross base, carry bag

Water bag: 46,00 zł
flat base 5 kg plus rotator 136,00 zł
spike 84,00 zł
screw 115,00 zł
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