Transparent foil

It is a double-ply material serving both for printing graphic motifs and laminating prints. So used foil protects the prints from bad weather conditions as well as from getting worn. When performed on transparent foil, this large-format print turns out ideally suited for e.g. pasting the glass elements such as shop windows and coffers made of frosted vinyl.

Monomer foil

This foil can be glossy, matt, or fluorescent. it comprises a material most frequently selected for pasting windows, plastic and plates. The print on the foil can be trimmed with the permanent UV laminate protecting the material it covers from getting scratched or UV rays. The foil in question can also be used for printing floor labels (covered with a special floor laminate).

One Way Vision foil

This material is selected most frequently for coating glass shop windows or windshields and other windows in cars, buses and trams. Its perforated structure makes the “from within” visibility clear, while preventing “from without” viewers from seeing anything inside the object but the graphic motive printed on the foil. The foil print can be trimmed with the permanent UV laminate protecting the material it covers from getting scratched or UV rays.

Translucent foil

This special foil can be used for printing graphic motives to become parts of light coffers. So printed designs become the most impressive when artificial or natural light will be placed below the objects that bear the prints. The translucent foil prints are characterised by perfect colour exposition as well as evenly shed light.

Casing foil

It is a type of elastic foil used both for printing advertisements and pasting even the very complicated surfaces such as e.g. cars, buses, trams and other shapely objects. The print on the casting foil is also recommended for flat surfaces with small impressions. We advise laminating prints designed to be placed on moving vehicles.
Maximum print width attainable is 137 cm. Large-format prints wider than the latter size are divided into wide parts with the 2 cm wide tuck.

Magnets / Magnetic foil

We can also boast of having in our offer magnets prepared on magnetic foil. Graphic designs to be used on magnets constitute high-quality prints on monomer foil. Additionally, these designs can be secured with the laminate protecting the print from UV rays and getting worn.

Floor stickers / Floor foil

These print types can be used both in interior and exterior campaigns. We prepare stickers on self-adhesive monomer foil which is covered with a special floor laminate protecting the stickers from getting worn as a result of their long exploitation on the floors of shops, trade malls, public utility objects etc.

Adhesive foil

This foil adheres to a surface not because of glue but owing to the interplay of its molecules. It is used mainly for the ideally smooth, glossy surfaces such as e.g. computer screens or display windows. The stickers on the foil leave no traces whatsoever on the surface and can therefore me multi-ply.

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