An alternative to the classic heavy vinyl banners. Ideal in the windy conditions. They are light and we can easily be moved and replaced. Graphics is made in the technique of sublimation. With this technology, the ink penetrates the temperature structure of the material and is virtually impossible to remove. Prints on polyester materials can be washed, ironed and expose to direct sunlight.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material used for this type of product is a polyester 115 gr-205 gr.

Material typw PRICE PER 1M2 (PLN)
0-10 10-25 25-100
Polyester 115gr 55zł 54zł 50zł
Polyester 205gr 69zł 67zł 63zł
Lightlux  **  **  **
Satin 135gr 69zł 67zł 63zł

* typical finishing is included (clips, metal eyes, iron bars)

** price upon request

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