Vario Curved

The structure is made up of aluminium profiles joined together with special clips. Produced with calendered polyester fabric printed using the eco-friendly sublimation technology.

Graphics can be placed on both sides of the wall. Quick, no-tools set-up makes it possible to use the system as an economic equivalent of a pop-up wall. The whole system looks really sturdy and fits in a handy bag.

The complete set comprises a fold-up structure, prints and the transport bag.

Width: 240cm/300cm/600cm
Height: 230cm
Depth: 35cm/45cm/65cm
Materials: aluminium, polyester
size one side print double side print
240 2036 zł 2273 zł
300 2170 zł 2526 zł
600 2697 zł 3157 zł
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