Vario Trifloat

Exhibition hanging systems FLOAT are great opportunity to stand out from the competition on the market. Their original shape and possibility to print on high quality textile fabric attract customer’s attention. These products are perfect solution for small events as well as big fair trades.

Main features are: fast and easy assembly/disassembly thanks to aluminium, foldable and light construction and also possibility to use many prints with the same frame. It’s possible to wash printed textile and use it many times.

Aluminium wires are labeled with numbers so it shortens the time of assembly. The whole system doesn’t need any tools to adjust the parts with each other and is packed in a comfortable transport bag.

All these features creates perfect porduct which will complete your stand for all sorts of events.

Width: 300cm
Height: 100cm
Depth: 300cm
Material: aluminium, polyester
Vario Trifloat 300 x 100 x 300cm 2762 zł
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