Floor graphic carpets

Floor promotor

Polyester carpet fabric coated with expanded PVC. Resistant to stretching, tearing and bending. A quiet and soft material ideal for the production of floor mats, advertising flooring and interior interiors.

Floor vinyl

Vinyl floor with a non-slip laminate to protect advertising graphics on floors in galleries, restaurants, hotels, etc. Vinyl floor is cover with a special, transparent PVC laminate with the highest level of UV protection and anti-slip class R10.

Progress capet

Advertising print on the progres material in any format. Possibility of digital and transfer printing. Grammature 900g/m2.

Material type price per 1m2 (PLN)
0-10 10-25 25-100
Floor vinyl 145zł 140zł 130zł
Progress 145zł 140zł 130zł
Floor promotor 145zł 140zł 130zł

Door mata “PREMIUM”

A carpet with a high-strength advertising print.  Printing limited with a palette of 96 colors.  Surface made of polyamide 6.0. Grammature ca. 2300 g/m2. Bottom made of 1.4mm SBR rubber with 2 cm wide rim.
We offer 8 standard widths of door mats:  50; 60; 75; 85; 100; 115; 150; 200 cm (any length not exceeding 6 m).
Price on request.

Logo  mata VELUR LUX

Logo matt with an advertising print on a polyester material. The bottom is made of black rubber, the rim is about 1.5 cm wide. Possibility of digital and transfer printing. Grammature ca 1000g / m2.
Available sizes: 40×60 cm / 50×70 cm / 85×60 cm / 85×115 cm / 85×145 cm / 115×170 cm.
Price on request.

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