Roll up

Roll up is a great and elegant advertising product. Roll ups are quick and easy to assemble. They provide the perfect visualization of a company or product. Graphics in cassette can be exchange. Roll-ups are produced in a standard size of 80 × 200 cm and also in other sizes.
Each roll up has a cassette with handles so it is not damaged and can be easily moved. The main material on which we print graphics is frontlit. The cassette is made form aluminium. There is also the possibility of printing on a polyester material.

Size 1-10 pcs 11-20 pcs 21–50 pcs
80 x 200 cm 240 zł 230 zł 220 zł
85 x 200 cm 260 zł 235 zł 225 zł
100 x 200 cm 290 zł 260 zł 240 zł
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