PPL Wall Straight

The structure is made up of aluminium profiles joined together with special clips. Produced with calendered polyester fabric printed using the eco-friendly sublimation technology.

Graphics can be placed on both sides of the wall. Quick, no-tools set-up makes it possible to use the system as an economic equivalent of a pop-up wall. The whole system looks really sturdy and fits in a handy bag.

The complete set comprises a fold-up structure, prints and the transport bag.

Width: 240/300/400/500/600 cm
Height: 230 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Materials: aluminium, polyester
size one side print double side print
240 1973 zł 2565 zł
300 2170 zł 2580 zł
400 2222 zł 2630 zł
500 2574 zł 2925 zł
600 3092 zł 3389 zł
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