wall SMART Curved

Adwall is a professional and reliable tool which successfully promotes companies, products and ideas, giving you unrestricted ways to exhibit your products in every place and situation. Pop-up displays are the most effective and the biggest mobile exhibition systems.

Autocoupler pop-up display is manufactured by ABEX Display company. This Pop-up Display is a part of PREMIUM products range. The construction is supported by a lightweight aluminium-alloy frame on which graphic panels are mounted. High quality fiberglass printouts in 1440dpi use Deep Crystal material for graphic durability. Fiberglass ‘Stoplight’ positioned in the back of the system prevents the light from shining through on the other side. Both layers of fiberglass are hot-laminated. Images can be lit by integrated halogen lamps.

Adwall can go in a dual-graphic version – each on every face of the system. This enables better product exposition and makes Adwall PLUS the more versatile.

Having folded pop-up display, all its elements fit inside a practical hard-case which makes its transport easier than ever. Pop-up display is sold with 10 years warranty.

Width: 260cm
Height: 235cm
Materials: Aluminium profile, magnetic bar, pigment print + laminate
one side print
3×3 3 755 zł
4×3 3 993 zł
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